Saturday, May 27, 2017

Well... we are SOUL'D OUT!!

Thanks so much for the love fam - 
we SOUL'D OUT in ADVANCE! See you tonight!!  

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  1. Can I use the word eclectic? Yes, that is what I experienced at the Soul Food Poetry Café’s Poetic Soul Sessions v. III - Powerful, sensual, soft, sweet, delicate, rough and kick me in the derrière thought-provoking. The SFPC nourished every part of what makes us Be. The lexical stimulation gifted to the audience by M-Dot da Poet left us sad that he had to share the stage. Addy B. delivered not only what was on her heart, but also what was the pulse of a nation – only she articulated it better than most would dare to even attempt. Her flowing words empowered the audience to be better and to speak love-words in the midst of hate. Rashad the Poet took the stage and made it his classroom. We were his very attentive and eager students as he reminded us to speak, to be heard, and to live out loud reminding us that only our voices remain when we are no longer. But that wasn’t all! Yes, there was more. In between our sips of smooth poetic bliss, we were blessed with Alexxis, a virgin to the Café, who braved the mic while the audience cheered her on. (Can I just say that SFPC has the most supportive audience I’ve ever encountered!) Jermaine J. swooned the ladies with stirring riffs that titillated and energized the atmosphere. We were a mesmerized clan who sang along with him (though when your voice resembles a mocha latte, extra hot, extra cream, you just don’t really need any help). Mira Cox, statuesque with a heavenly voice, bolted out beautiful tones and got us all to sing along – and we were more than happy to be her chorus. The night rounded out with the incomparable J-Mat Band! Can I tell you that I love this band?!?! Playful, engaging, soulful, and down-right fun! They keep the party lit until the last note is played.
    Imani Rhema, keep this movement going. I’m still on a soul-high and frankly I don’t want to come down. Since I know that I will have to recover, I beg you, make sure you have another hit waiting for us soon.