Sunday, October 15, 2017

Poetic Soul Sessions Vol. IV f/Dichotomy was AMAZING!

What's up SFPC Fam!

The Poetic Soul Sessions Vol. IV f/Dichotomy was off the chain! Live music and spoken word lovers came from miles around to see and hear an amazing showcase of talent as we packed out the City Winery main concert hall! Good thing that we had the opportunity to move from the lounge to downstairs since there were 200 people in attendance!

This was our biggest show to date since we hosted our Soul Food Poetry Café Awards Show at the Hard Rock Café, and we are happy to partner with the City Winery to produce more shows on this scale and beyond! Be sure to “like” our Soul Food Poetry Café page on Facebook or follow this blog to be notified about when our next event will be scheduled.  Check out some of the highlights of our awesome show below!

 Larysa Jaye
 Mera Cox
 Jordan Alexander Moore
Dichotomy f/Saneeah
Jermaine J. 


Mia Michelle

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Let's Pack The City Winery Main Concert Hall Out!

What's Up Poetry and Live Music Lovers!

We have made it to the Main Concert Hall at the City Winery, a place that we've been trying to get into all year! I would like to thank Nashville for your continued support - without YOU believing in the spoken word movement, we wouldn't have sold out the upstairs lounge (again) and be moving our event into the Main Concert Hall at Nashville's premiere live music venue!  Click the link below for tickets, still available for only $20 in advance until doors open!

Poetic Soul Sessions IV f/Dichotomy

We have an amazing showcase of talent lined up for the evening and would love to see you there. Please come out and see some of the most phenomenal vocalists and spoken word artists The Music City has to offer!  Here is the line up:

Larysa Jaye - Nashville Singer/Songwriter
Jermaine J. - Nashville Vocalist, Former Fisk Jubilee Singer
Mera Cox - Nashville Neo-Soul and R&B Diva
Will B. Sings - Premiere Professional R&B artist
Jordan Moore - Huntville's Own. Performance Poet
Silence - Seasoned live Spoken Word Artist
Bringing the POETIC to The Poetic Soul Sessions, the international, award winning Spoken Word Artist, mentor, community activist, Dichotomy the Poet

Special Featured Vocalist for the evening, backed by Craig Bailey & Friends, Mia Michelle.
Brianna Brown, professionally known as “Mia Michelle,” (pronounced My-a) is a powerhouse vocalist whose passion is to connect with and inspire others through everything she does, especially through her music. The talented Detroit native has been honing her chops for years. She received two call back audition requests for “The Voice” and has never lost sight of her dreams. Mia will tell you, “Music has been an inspiring part of my life, ALL of my life. It has been my venue to share my happiest moments and it has lifted my spirits in my most challenging moments. There is no other vehicle that connects with people exactly where they are at every moment of their life.” 

Mia feels that her family, 5 siblings with an Army mom and step-father, taught her the gifts of faith, love, humility and tenacity. Her greatest aspiration is to provide that same inspiration to everyone she comes in contact.  Rather it be the melodious range of her vocals or her bright smile and cheerful personality, Mia lives to make the everyday life of others better.  Join us as she guides us through her feelings of love, life, and of course, MUSIC as she belts her way into our hearts at The City Winery, bringing the SOUL to The Poetic Soul Sessions Volume IV!  See you there fam!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Poetic Soul Sessions Vol. IV f/Dichotomy is THIS SUNDAY!

Hey Fam!

We are TOO excited about Sunday's show!!  Special announcement: due to an overwhelming response of ticket sales, by popular demand we are moving the show from the lounge to the Main Concert Hall downstairs at The City Winery! This is HUGE.
The City Winery is one of the premiere wine and entertainment venues in America, with locations in major US cities such as Atlanta and New York, and The Soul Food Poetry Cafe is honored to have the opportunity to showcase major talent in performance poetry and live music!

This has been the goal at our Cafe for quite some time and we are blessed to have this unique chance to show Nashville what the urban entertainment scene is about. 

Please continue to support, spread the word, and let's pack out the City Winery! Tell your family and friends to meet us there for an amazing night of spoken word, featuring Dichotomy the Poet...special performances by poets Silence and Jordan...and exclusive feature from vocalist Mia Michelle...we also will have powerhouse vocalists Mera Cox, Will B. Sings, Larysa Jaye, and Jermaine J. on hand delivering dynamic performances!

Click here to purchase tickets, still only $20 in advance:

Poetic Soul Sessions IV f/Dichotomy

See you Sunday night, October 8 at 5:30pm fam!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Poetic Soul Sessions Vol. IV f/Dichotomy Tickets on Sale Now!

Hey Poetry Lovers!

The wait is over! Tickets to experience the award-winning international spoken word artist DICHOTOMY are now on sale!

Dichotomy Tickets

You are definitely in for a treat - Dichotomy the Poet is mesmerizing, entertaining, and known for speaking the TRUTH about relationships, love, life, supporting the African American community, being the man he is because of his father, knowing how to love a woman because of his mother, and the loves of his life - his nephews.

You will learn how he got his name (given and artistic), why he is passionate about writing and performing, and the corporate struggle: fueling your dreams using your daily means.

Accompanying this amazing live music and spoken word experience will be the dynamic R&B and Neo Soul band Craig Bailey & Friends, featuring the soulful Mia Michelle! Performing spoken word will be Jordan and Silence, with vocal performances by Mera Cox, Larysa Jaye, Jermaine J. and Willie Butler! Talent will be DEEP in the Lounge!

You don't want to miss this. Looking for a night with the girls, hanging with the fellas, or a romantic date night? We got you covered.  This is our second show at the City Winery Lounge, and we sold out before the show this past Memorial Day weekend - don't be mad if you try to get your ticket the day before and it's SOUL'D out!

Tickets are a steal at $20 in advance.
Click the link below to be directed to the City Winery Ticket site:

Dichotomy Tickets

Dichotomy the Poet

Dichotomy the Poet

Featuring an Exclusive Performance by Mia Michelle

Spoken Word by Alabama's Jordan Moore

Spoken Word by "Silence"

Vocalist Jermaine J.

Soulstress Mera Cox

Vocalist Willie Butler

Singer/Songwriter Larysa Jaye

Music Director Craig Bailey - Craig Bailey & Friends

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Poetic Soul Sessions IV Featuring Dichotomy! are in for a treat! We are bringing back one of Music City's sons, currently residing in Atlanta...a Soul Food Poetry Cafe favorite, the award-winning international spoken word artist Dichotomy!

Dichotomy will be featuring at Poetic Soul Sessions Volume IV, and we are back at one of our city's most amazing venues, The City Winery! Sunday October 8th at 7pm. Tickets are only $20 in advance, and go on sale Friday September 15! Check back on this page for the link! We soul'd out in advance the last time we were at The City Winery - be sure to get your tickets asap!

DICHOTOMY is a man with simple dualistic complexities, a passion for life, eternal love, and all that is in-between.  Engineer by day, writer, poet, and spoken word artist by night, creative writing and expression is his first nature.  It is a divine thumbprint in the many gifts and talents that possess him. Born in Nashville TN, Dichotomy’s passion for poetry began at the tender age of nine.  After his first performance in 2007, he set his heart on performing and has never looked back.

Dichotomy infuses self-composed and written music with the poetry and prose of his verses to encompass the transparent emotion of thoughts that are unspoken, yet felt. Upon hearing and reading his expressions, the pure essence of one’s heart and emotions are made transparent, and a vulnerable freedom is felt while the recipient is graced with an affectionate understanding.

Dichotomy is “Not Just Another Love Poet”.  His depth reaches much further than that.  Experience Dichotomy at Soul Food Poetry Cafe: Poetic Soul Sessions Volume IV.

Founded 10 years ago by Nashville poet Imani Rhema, the Soul Food Poetry Cafe is one of Music City’s longest running live music and spoken word showcases - featuring some of the most talented artists and vocalists in the community. Poetic Soul Sessions IV features award-winning international spoken word artist, Dichotomy, and a dynamic live music experience by Neo-Soul and R&B band Craig Bailey & Friends Featuring the soulful Mia Michelle! More info to come!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Ode to a Revolutionary Poet: A Night of Poetry Benefiting Nashville Spoken Word Legend D-Revolution

Soul Food Poetry Cafe, Nashville Poetry Group (NPG), and RAW Music Radio are proud to present:
Ode to a Revolutionary Poet:
A Night of Poetry Benefiting
Nashville Spoken Word Legend D-Revolution.
We are back with our family at Venue 109 for a night of, as D-Rev would call it, Authentic Spoken Word featuring spoken word veterans including Rashad thaPoet, Taomi Ray, Diallo, Dre the Poet, Binky, Khaos, and more! We will have an open mic, giveaways, live streaming, artist merchandise, and more to support our friend D-Revolution as he recovers from a serious illness.
D-Revolution has been performing Spoken Word for nearly two decades. Hailing originally from Chicago, D-Rev is known for his gritty, street-wise lyrics that showcase a depth of understanding and wisdom. He has performed at events, rallies, churches, and open mics throughout the South and featured at cafes, coffee houses and venues across the country. This award-winning artist won the coveted Southern Entertainment Award, and has sold hundreds of spoken word albums. His entertainment company, Happy People Network, has hosted countless events in the Nashville area and cornered the market on live music and spoken word shows years ago. Join us as we pay tribute to and support one of Nashville's Spoken Word Legends, D-Revolution for a night of poetry!
Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Of course we expect to sell out as always! See you at Venue 109 on Sunday August 27th at 7pm!!
Contact Imani Rhema for a space on the open mic or for more infomation - 615-568-7144.


Click the link below for tickets:

Ode To A Revolutionary Poet Ticket

Monday, May 29, 2017

Review - Poetic Soul Sessions III F/Rashad thaPoet

Can I use the word eclectic? Yes, that is what I experienced at the Soul Food Poetry Café’s Poetic Soul Sessions v. III - Powerful, sensual, soft, sweet, delicate, rough and kick me in the derrière thought-provoking.

The SFPC nourished every part of what makes us Be. The lexical stimulation gifted to the audience by M-Dot da Poet left us sad that he had to share the stage.

Addy B. delivered not only what was on her heart, but also what was the pulse of a nation – only she articulated it better than most would dare to even attempt. Her flowing words empowered the audience to be better and to speak love-words in the midst of hate.

Aubrey the Poet took the stage and made it his classroom. We were his very attentive and eager students as he reminded us to speak, to be heard, and to live out loud reminding us that only our voices remain when we are no longer. But that wasn’t all! Yes, there was more.

In between our sips of smooth poetic bliss, we were blessed with Alexxis, a virgin to the Café, who braved the mic while the audience cheered her on. (Can I just say that SFPC has the most supportive audience I’ve ever encountered?) 

Jermaine J. swooned the ladies with stirring riffs that titillated and energized the atmosphere. We were a mesmerized clan who sang along with him (though when your voice resembles a mocha latte, extra hot, extra cream, you just don’t really need any help).

Mera Cox, statuesque with a heavenly voice, bolted out beautiful tones and got us all to sing along – and we were more than happy to be her chorus.

The feature for the evening, multi-award winning lyricist Rashad thaPoet, whisked us between the blurred lines of intellectual hip-hop and pun-laden spoken word, ending his set with a smooth and neo-soulful freestyled joint that made us think, feel, and relax.

The night rounded out with the incomparable J-Mat Band! Can I tell you that I love this band?!?! Playful, engaging, soulful, and down-right fun! They keep the party lit until the last note is played.
Imani Rhema, keep this movement going. I’m still on a soul-high and frankly I don’t want to come down. Since I know that I will have to recover, I beg you, make sure you have another hit waiting for us soon.

-Tai Berry, Blogger-Beauty4Ashes

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Well... we are SOUL'D OUT!!

Thanks so much for the love fam - 
we SOUL'D OUT in ADVANCE! See you tonight!!  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Hello Soul Food Poetry Cafe Fam!

We are excited to announce that our next show will be at one of Nashville's premiere venues... we will be in the Lounge at The City Winery!!

Poetic Soul Sessions Vol. III: Unplugged

Saturday May 27th 2017
Doors open at 6:30pm

We will have a special set featuring spoken word artists Imani Rhema and Hi Q, and three show stopping Nashville vocalists, Jermaine J., Alexxis, and Mera Cox! And of course we will have the amazing JMat Band supplying the soulful sounds we are known for!

Our headliner for the evening will be none other than Nashville's Triple Threat...he's a poet, he's a lyricist, he's an educator...A Soul Food Poetry Cafe Spoken Word Artist of the Year...the multiple, hip-hop artist, and entrepreneur... Nashville's own...
Tickets only $15 in advance and $20 at the door! You know how we do...we expect the show to sell out!