Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trey Daniels: Special Guest at our next show - Sunday Sept 11th at Venue 109!

“A distinctive sound that’s attached to a defining story.” 

Alto Saxophonist Trey Daniels’ multi-faceted artistry is influenced by an old school Gospel Jazz vibe. Born in Tampa, Florida weighing in at two lbs., 8 ounces, as an infant he was unable to use his own lungs to breathe – so, he says, “It’s truly a miracle that I am able to do what I do today, and a testament to the grace of God. It’s also the reason I am able to play with such passion, energy and honesty.”

Those characteristics have been part of Trey’s musical life from the beginning until now. Attracted by Atlanta’s vibrant neo-soul scene, Trey moved there immediately after he finished college at FSU and began establishing his presence as a force in local clubs with regular performances. His group plays regularly around Atlanta. Trey has also performed at the Columbus Jazz Festival, Essence Music Festival, and at the July 4th Extravaganza at Lenox Square.

Trey proudly launched his philanthropy called “Music on a Mission,” in which he visits schools, teaches kids about jazz and encourages their own musical dreams before performing a set.

Trey recently performed The National Anthem at an Indianapolis Colts game, and is looking forward to being a special guest artist at Soul Food Poetry Café for our Double Feature on Sunday September 11th. See you there!


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